Where my site?

Once I faced strange behavior of site. After develop and positive testing results I moved it to live use cPanel. Everything was as it should be and it seemed that there were no signs of trouble but I was very surprised when look on live site. There was absolutely different site, not my. So, let’s clean cache and … what’s going on here? Where my site?

After moved site on production, there anyway works different site

Problem: In cPanel I have site, but browser show absolutely different site.

Solution: It turns out DNS has for current web-site domain other IP address. This cases to be very often, when was old site, and after then we made new, but domain name set for old IP address. For solution should be update DNS records. But if such conditions cannot be provided, can be use there's another way to. This way allow test our site after move to production. We need to know current IP address of the server (in right sidebar cPanel) and IP for website domain (ping domain-name.com). After then open hosts file on your PC and write there www.domain-name.com, where - IP address of current server, www.domain-name.com - domain name.

File hosts you can find here /etc/hosts for Linux/MacOS and here c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts for Windows.

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