Better Audience Reach? Facebook Vs. Your Website

I think, that you heard the phrase of Bill Gates “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”. You’ll say all right, but my bussines has own page or group in one of social networks, why would I make own website? How it’ll can help my business? Yes, you are right, social networks are rapidly evolving, theit functionality is being improved and developed, however in some cases social networks can’t replace a site. Today, we’ll review advantages and disadvantages each of these the way to promote busines on the Internet.

Facebook Vs. Your Website

Advantages of  page or group on social networks

1. Low barrier to entry. For create own page or group you need minimum of know.
2. Minimal investment. If you can self create quality content, visually represent it and promoted you, then you not need money for promote own business in social networks.
3. High speed of delivery info to end-users. Really quality content has high speed of disseminate in social networks and it allow to advertising your business it by yourself, covering only the target audience.

Disadvantages of a page or group on social networks

1. High level of competition. Your business has page or group in one of the social networks, your competitors has it too, because, as we have said before, to create own page or group are need minimum of know.
2. Limit in page design. All pages or group within one a social networks are look the same. You can't fundamentally change design or add advanced functionality and in order to out effectively against a background of the your competitors you need to do their utmost.
3. Your business, depend on rules of a social network. You must follow the company's terms of service, otherwise your account could be blocked and you may lose customers.

Advantages of a site

1. Your site - your rules. You have full control and you can do experiment with pages design, expand of functionality and do all whatever you want to.
2. There are no restrictions of audience. You will can a wider audience, because you is not restricted boundaries of the social networks.
3. More qualitative analyze behavior of website visitors. Site provides an opportunity will know many helpful info about your visitors and subsequently to use it for planning of marketing strategy. For example, for site you can buy 1.000 people that will come on site, because they use context advertising, 1.000 people from advertising Facebook and attracted 1.000 people from search systems and we can will understand, what method to attract our visitors is the most advantageous, where from came people, which real something a purchase, we will know who is people (sex, age, location) and after then we can calculate how many on average is cost attract one customer. This method allow spend advertising budget with maximal effective.

Disadvantages of a site

1. Develop a site costs money. Price of develop site may be different. It depend from your needs and requirement. Also, generally freelancers has low price in comparison with web-studios. In next article we'll look the right way select implementing partner for create a website.
2. Promote a site costs money. To make, that your site be in the top 10 search systems is no easy task, but it's possible. In some case, when a site serves as e-office for business, this paragraph could be ignore.


And lastly, could add one important thing, if you'll use bundle of a website and social network you can do better result, than use separately them. If you have any question about make a site, please contact us.

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