Hello World!

Having worked in web development few years and get some experience, started noticing that my browser has contained large number topic bookmarks, at that keep track of the “wealth of knowledge” are finding it increasingly difficult. On top of that, was the desire to improve self English level. What If it all systematize and in some cases add personal judgement concerning the some facts and make it all as English-speaking blog? So said so done, and after a while appeared this site. This is the first blog entry and as befits in such cases we will begin with acquaintance, tell about its some goals and ideas.

Hello World!

About blog

As stated above it's planned to describe how can resolve some problem faced by practically every web developer, which work with such languages as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery, PHP and CMS Wordpress. During the current work appeared of the list FAQs from our customers and answers for them. Also, analyzing general statistic of cyber threats shows that this subject is although important, but on the practice for it pay little attention and we are here that fix it.

So, we have not easy task - on the one hand writing accessible to all, on the other hand content should be essentially and without no-nonsense. With that in mind, it was decided that on the our pages of blog we will be write on the principle of "Sapienti sat", and all comers in the case of the arising questions will can pose them in the comments.

If you found what you was looking for and you want say thank you, bear in mind that best way do it like post or share it or follow our group.

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