Hi everyone! Today, we celebrating 3 years since the establishment HelloAdmin resource. And today we’ll review how to can creative birthday greeting developer, system administrator or any people, which work to IT. Let’s go!

Creative birthday greeting for IT specialists

Problem: We're sick of send banal birthday greeting and the question is how made it creative?

Solution: We send not ordinary but coded phrase.
Step 1. Firstly we need think of the text of the congratulation. For example -

Happy Birthday and many happy days in a new year of yours! ;)

Step 2. Convert this string to hexadecimal code. We can use any online convertor. We'll get next string:


Step 3. Convert hexadecimal code to the decimal system we can do use the same online convertor. We'll get next string:


Step 4. Send string from Step 3. After send for viewing you can use next command to terminal:

echo 225954101606848758559958811116945025721722700479991025182955712534119300862609728341849169254783888232354129131748373390025977241003931812818336553P | dc

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