How to check somebody use my webcam?

It’s not secret, that intruders can use your webcam without your knowledge. In this regard, some laptop manufacturers have become equip self devices mechanical protective curtain or LED indicator. Also, on sale you can found the protective curtains, who you can independently install to your laptop. Some users just tape stickers on webcams, why? It’s cheap and cheerful 🙂 In this article we’ll look at how we can find out that somebody use our webcam at now.

Somebody use my webcam?

Problem: Some webcams doesn't have light indicator when it on and this fact allow use your webcam intruders, without your knowledge.

Solution: To understand this fact, we could run next command in the Terminal:

lsof | grep video

If you don't get any output, that with a high probability your webcam are disabled. Also, for example, we can open Skype (check settings webcam) and after then run the command again, you can see output info.

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