Website creation: web studio or freelance?

One of the first question, issues in which you you’ll be facing by deciding make own site, will be to choose between a web studio or a freelance. Whom to choose for develop of a site? They both variant has its advantages and disadvantages, how will choose right of the way especially if you don’t understand specific of the web development and what should one take into account? About these things we’ll talk in today’s article.

Web studio Vs. Freelance


Before write the article, I read opinion other authors about this question, in particular opinion of web studios. For self, I noted one, unpleasant thing is subjective opinion (lack of objectivity) of the majority of authors. So, on some sites of web studios you can read that freelancers it's people who have low qualify level, they is unreliable, unpredictable, uncontrollable, they disregard deadline etc, and I understand their - every cook praises his own broth - I understand, but I don't support such an approach. I think, that when someone interested a question, first of all, he'll want get objective information about the question, and not holy war. So, based on the fact, that I'm is freelancer, here I don't will be extolling of freelancers and vilification of web studios. Not, we'll go a different path.

Criteria for assessing developer of a site

So, back to our question, you need develop website or e-commerce store, but you don't know, whom to chose: web studio or freelance? May you have already identified with it question, then you have next question what kind of web studio or freelance I will choose? Marketplace contain hundreds of proposals and how to choose among this multiple, really an acceptable option? Try to do on the principle "A good dress is a card of invitation, a good mind is a letter of recommendation". Look at the site of company, its design, download speed for pages, do estimate speed and quality response of the support. People from web world, which care for self reputation, like nobody else business know - "The website is company face", so the above criteria will be are met.

Yes, I understand that you'll have question about how check each of describe above items, so we'll quickly cast a look at each of them.

Check design. It's problem many modern a site, and sites of web studios too, that they have unmodern design. There are no tools for definition good or bad design, answer of this question can give only a professional, however is a number of recommendations some of which I'll describe here. You must answer whether you to several questions: As modern and fresh, looks like design of a company site? This issue quite subjective, but to provide for you somehow orients, I can propose look at on websites of a famous companies, which revolve around design, usability, and things like that (e.g. Apple). Then, notice how comfortable searching need info on the site? How comfortable use site on different browsers and devices (PC, Mac, tablet, phone)?

Check speed of download a web site. It's very important indicator for any site. In one of the next articles we'll more detaly review why this moment is so important, and here we just give few links of the special services, for check speed website: Google, GTmetrix, Pingdom. Just copy any URL of website in the field and check results, by clicking on button "Analyze". Good result is at least 90 points. Also, you'll can check validy markup of a site use W3C service. Good result when a site contain minimal quantity of errors and warnings, but better when they absolutely absent.

Check security. Also, how and case with check of design, checking of security should do an expert. However, If site use CMS Wordpress we'll can use this simplest scanner. Good result is when scanner doesn't show Wordpress version, as well as versions and names of themes and plugins. Note:

  • it's simplest check andyou shouldn't think, if website was checked and got possitive result then site has effective of protect;
  • if website use any different CMS, not Wordpress, the scanner will show possitive result, but it'll be just incorrect experiment;


Now, you know how to determine quality of website. Sure, it not full check, and just one of the methods. You can do search request "create site WordPress New York (or Toronto, you can write any city or don't write nothing, as you wish)" and check web studios in top-10 of search results, according to the criteria, which we reviewed above. I think, that you you'll be surprised results of the check :)

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